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This depends on the level of traffic on your carpet. A single person with no children once a year. A home with a family twice a year. A home with a family and pets 2 to 3 times per year

Try using a wet and dry shop vac to remove the urine if you dont have one then, blot area with clean towel, try to absorb as much as possible. Apply hydrogen peroxide, this will eliminate the smell and prevent yellowing. 

The only way to prevent mold from forming is to keep the carpet very dry less than 25% moisture content. The area should be well-ventilated, with low humidity.

Yes, regularly steam cleaning your carpets will remove pollutants, allergens, dander, and hair. 

Steam cleaning will extend the life of your carpet, protect your warranty, and help prevent traffic lanes from forming.

If done correctly by a real professional carpet should be dry in less than 12 hours.

 Yes, and this is what we pride ourselves on. 

Time is of the essence. Blot area or use a wet and dry shop vac to remove as much liquid as possible. Apply carpet cleaning solution, aggregate with soft brush( toothbrush),  Rinse soap from carpet with water(very important). Do Not use hot water as this may set the stain. Blot area or use shop vac to dry. Repeat if needed 

When vacuuming isn’t working anymore. Traffic patterns start forming. The carpet nap is laying flat. 

Steam cleaning removes grease, oils, embedded dirt, and other particles that affect the condition of the carpet fibres.

Yes, If you have allergies or asthma, carpet cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home safe and free of triggers. If you have allergies or asthma, carpet cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home safe. By removing allergens and dust mites, you can help to reduce your symptoms and make your home a more comfortable place to live and make your home a more comfortable place to live.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly, pick up as much as you can off the floor. Make sure there is a space on your driveway or a parking space available for the tech. If you make the job harder for the tech he may charge you more for the inconvenience. 

Yes, Commercial-grade carpet is built to last and withstand activity after long periods. It’s geared toward heavy foot traffic, while residential carpeting is often designed with comfort and style in mind.

Vacuum thoroughly everyday. Clean up spills asap. Don’t wear shoes. 

Yes with the right cleaning process odors can be removed. 

Experience, certification, and professionalism. Company’s with a uniform, van that is wrapped with company info, and professional equipment show you the customer that the company is serious about carpet cleaning. 

Eco-friendly products is the best way to go they are powerful on dirt, grease and oil, yet gentle enough not to cause your if they take care of there equipment then you know they are serious about cleaning. Company’s who have clean equipment, vehicles, and uniforms says a lot about the job there are going to do for you. 

Apply a stain blocker or protectant. This will stop staining and prevent traffic area from forming

If applied correctly yes. Step one remove as much as possible by blotting. Apply a mild soap, aggregate, rinse. Rinsing the area is the most important because soap left behind will attract more dirt. 

Yes, a company who uses a crb machine will get 99% of pet hair out of your carpet.

Yes, with powerful equipment with 350 cfm will remove deep embedded dirt along with a deep scrub. 

Tricky question. One way is to do a dye transfer. This is done by applying a dye removal solution, a wet rag, and a clothing iron. The seam from the iron will tranfer the stain to the rag. Bleach stains, discoloration, hair dye, uv damage, are permanent. On nylon fibers bleach stains can be dyed. If the bleach turned the carpet white it’s not dyeable. 

Yes, with a crb machine it will raise the nap of the carpet again. Discolored carpet can be saved if re dyed. This only works with nylon fibers. If your carpet is polyester this will not work.

Have a professional company apply a stain blocker or protectant. This will prevent staining. 

If the water is grey or black, the carpet needs to be removed. If the water was clean water, Carpet must be thoroughly dry before cleaning. 

Yes, especially for people with asthma and or allergies. Dirty carpets can also cause rashes, respiratory problems, and excessive sneezing

A common disadvantage of DIY carpet cleaning is using too much water. This can cause the carpet to remain wet for several days and will cause mildrew or mold to form. Applying too much cleaning solution. Using heavy soaps will cause wicking and attract more dirt like a magnet. Not rinsing carpet properly. 

Vacuum regularly, not to wear shoes as this will bring in oil and grease from the outside to your carpet. Apply a carpet protectant.